Sunday, April 26, 2015

Donald Duck in the breakaway role that you probably never saw

Donald Duck became famous in this short cartoon from 1943 that has him dressed as a Nazi and working overtime assembling shells for Hitler's war machine. Listen to what the singer says from 1:16 - 1:20


Saturday, August 24, 2013

You Better Watch Out!

Transcript from an actual interview between the Badger and one of those people that doesn't believe in Santa:

BADGER: Why do you think that Santa Clause does not actually exist? That's sad. I mean, has anyone ever proven that he doesn't exist?
Negative Nancy: When I was 8 I saw my mom and dad putting the presents under the tree. In the morning, those presents said "from Santa clause", so I know he isn't real. I also know that Santa did not make those presents. They still had price tags from Kmart and May company and were manufactured by Parker Bros and Mattel. Santa is a lie. A hoax perpetrated on the young and impressionable.
TMfK: That's not really proof. By your reasoning, if I called my mom who is in France, and asked her to put a couple presents under the tree for my cousins with a tag that said "from TMFK", I would cease to exist because I didn't place the gifts myself. That would be an epic loophole in the space time continuum. You should call Stephen Hawking or someone on that. I think you're on to something. Or on something. Just don't use that logic in a courtroom and you'll be fine:)
Negative Nancy: Come on man. Everyone knows Santa is just made up. He's from that poem with the sash and the reindeer or something...the Night Before Christmas...that's it. He's from that! He's fiction.
TMFK: Prove it. The atheists want proof that God exists...well I want proof that Santa Doesn't. Every year he brings me presents. Every year he's in every mall. He’s in movies. He's in books and on cards. He leaves stuff in my stocking and thousands or maybe millions of kids write him letters. There are songs about him. A whole lot of them. Why would so many people write songs about and letters to someone who doesn't exist? If you think Santa Clause doesn't exist, or isn't real, I've got news for you. I have a…..well...a lot, of evidence that he does. Perhaps Santa Clause just doesn't fit into your preconceived notions about what constitutes existence. Maybe you need to change your concept of Santa Clause. It seems to me that this non-existence idea is fairly silly in light of the evidence.

 You may see this, thinking that this is cute and all, but Santa is still a fable. You know this like you know water is wet and the sky is blue. What is the source of that knowledge though? When you were very young, you believed in Santa. Maybe your parents told you about him. You knew that Santa was real. You believed them. Then you got older and some cousin or kid down the street told you Santa was fake. You were crushed. You believed them. Both beliefs were based on faith and trust in the source of your information. You stuck with the second belief because as you got older, more and more people held this belief and the original idea began to sound more and more far-fetched. Why? Because as you began to assemble your synthetic knowledge, you made sure it agreed with what you were being taught. If everyone thought Santa was real, you would have rejected what the older kids said, because it would have eventually been at odds with "common" knowledge. In this case, that would have been the idea that everyone knows Santa is real. Since "common" knowledge is the opposite, that there is no Santa, it becomes easier to reject belief that he is real. If you suspend your "buy-in" to the conventional though, a new realm of existence opens. 
Did you know that not very long ago, people knew that there were witches, that the earth was flat, and that tomatoes were poisonous. Sneezing released evil spirits from you. Leaches cured people of ailments by sucking off their blood. The sun revolved around the earth. They didn't suspect these things, they knew. It seems to open the strong possibility of our "common" knowledge being wrong in an area or two. If we suspend that, we then have a much broader realm to reside in and we become open to possibilities of truth in that which we once rejected.
 Besides, what benefit is there in not believing? I'll answer that for you. None. Not a one. If you still want to go believe in nothing and have Christmases filled with nothing but snow and disbelief while other people stay awake, leave milk, cookies and carrots for some fat guy and his cattle, and then open presents the next morning....well...that's your right. Have fun with that.  Seriously. I hope that it works out. Personally, I prefer the second option in this case. Then again, in a recent survey asking me to choose between Bruce Lee, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe, and Christian Bale, I went for the obvious choice: Dennis Hopper. Some would say that means I don't think right. They don't understand that time is an illusion and language is a constraint to expression though so I try to be patient. Just don't try to tell me Santa doesn't exist. I don't have THAT much patience.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I fink u freaky and I like you a lot

Really cool video and refreshingly original sound. If you don't understand all of it, it is probably because part of it is in Afrikaans. I just want to know where to get a pokemon suit made of newsprint.