Tuesday, February 14, 2017


Here's the issue: There is no such thing as journalism anymore. Every major news agency seems to inject their own personal bias into just about every news story that they publish. Not only that, but have you read any headlines lately? A very good portion of them make no sense because a very good portion of them are grammatically incorrect as if written by folks with a 6th grade education. Even as I write this I wince because my comment disparages many 5th and 6th grades who would never make these types of errors.

The internet is a paradox. The overflow of information we wanted has arrived. It does not make us smarter. It makes us more stupid. There is sometimes no way to filter the true from the false and one must use conjecture to decide what is the most realistic interpretation of what is being presented.Wikipedia is so useful. Without a financial incentive however, scholarly synthesis of ideas into coherent essays is a rarity. Ergo, dumber we are.

As a species, we seem to not know what is good for us.We fight wars over stupid things and we give up all too easily when the majority wish to vote us into oblivion. Democracy too can be a paradox.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

On Immigation Policy

Why is it that people are trying to blame Trump and law enforcement for enforcing laws? There is nothing unfair about asking people to follow the proper protocol to be able to immigrate into the US. Some lady on the TV was crying over the broken families and sad children as if this was due to law enforcement. This is due to those children's mothers and fathers not following the law. Don't like the law? Write your congress people.

The broken families are a direct result of the parents' actions. There are more loopholes for a Mexican to immigrate legally than Carter has pills. Evidently it was easier to come across without following any rules and that is what Trump is trying to stop.

Some of these folks must have bumped their heads or something. No one is out there protesting when some drug addict gets 5 years in prison for not following the law. That person will have a tough time finding work for years and years, maybe for their whole life with the persistence of data on the internet (which is something that should get addressed.). Half the people have themselves convinced that they are so law abiding that they even jump on the bandwagon to call out these victims of a pointless war. No protests. However, if an undocumented person comes here from Mexico, being a Mexican national, we should just throw up our hands and say, "Oh. It's OK. They're Mexican. They don't need to be deported. " They don't need to follow the rules because they are Mexican and because we like Mexicans and some of us are Mexicans we should just let them do whatever they want? Oh its ok your honor, you see, I'm Mexican so it's ok. I don't need laws." Good luck.

They evidently don't need documentation either. If you're wondering why that's important then go get a job. Get a contractor's license. Get any professional license. They will ask you to bend over and cough while they look up your virtual ass with an e-flashlight. Undocumented? What, you get a free pass? The guy with the drug conviction can't do shit but beg for money, but since this other guy is undocumented, he might just get the job. He could be some sick fuck from one of the cartels but hey he's undocumented, give him a break? Fuuuuuck yoooouu. That's what I say. Follow the damned rules or change the rulebook. How can one enjoy prosperity and protection under the law if they aren't following it?

And stop blaming Trump. It was the folks who didn't care to fill out any paperwork or otherwise try to do things the right way that got themselves into their mess. I've tangled with the law a few times. No sympathy. Take your protests and stick them in your butt. When you're done maybe volunteer to assist by distributing information to people on how to establish themselves legally or propose a better idea with immigration law.

The bit about racism? Racism? Really? First off, this is about illegal immigration, not being a Latino American. When they start deporting citizens you can pick up the racist card. The caps and rules on immigration are there for a reason and its not racism. It could possibly be called nationalism or shared culturalism but it shore ain't racism. Especially not in Southern California where white isn't even a majority. If you don't understand the rules I encourage you to travel to any area that is overflowing with immigrants and look at it. Talk to the people who live there and who used to live there. Pay some taxes. Then tell me how happy you would be to open the border. With not enough space or jobs those good intentions and all that "immigrants are the foundation of our prosperity" shit kind of breaks down. Doesn't it? They are, but it only works a little at a time.
 And what about the Chinese? Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick ! I can't read the signs in San Gabriel! Large areas in the SGV and OC are becoming predominantly asian. Why is no one protesting? How can this be? Why aren't Chinese and Vietnamese and Cambodian immigrants up in arms? Because they followed the damned rules and we only took as many as we can handle. In one generation an entire family assimilates into our American culture. We do have an American culture even though its not politically correct to acknowlege that. Some of it is embarrassing, Some of it is inspiring. Either way though, it exists and it is part of the reason people want to come here. SO ...sorry Mexicans need to follow the same damned rules as everyone else, including my mother (an immigrant), and if they don't and they get deported, it isn't anyone's fault but their own. Protesters save your energy for the areas where our law enforcement is out of line. Not when they are doing their job as they are supposed to and as you asked them to.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

On Prop 63

Further measures towards gun control and the erosion of 2nd and 4th amendment rights virtually guarantee a world record number of kills for the next person seeking to fire on a McDonald's, a theater, or a night club. It's also an invitation to those who would chain you in a shipping container.

 To the proponents of this proposition that are not law enforcement, military, judges, or legislators (Because the law doesn't apply to them): This half baked notion that a background check for ammo will do anything other than make you a helpless target of violent men who will chain you in a shipping container and  rape you mercilessly while your s.o. bleeds out in the dirt is the product of people who don't care what happens to you while you are waiting for the police to show up. This is because an armed citizenry scares them. Why? Because then they can't do anything they want with impunity. This had nothing to do with curbing gun violence and everything to do with a bigger plan to erode your second amendment and 4th amendment rights by inviting the gestapo into the home of anyone convicted of a misdemeanor or felony that is suspected of owning a firearm. The sick people that would harm you? They don't have a record yet. They can still buy ammo. they can still buy guns. Gun control is an illusion. That ship has sailed, baby. THERE IS NO CONTROL. Yet people still fall for this stuff. We shouldn't even see trash like this this on the ballot. The writers should be scared to show their face in public.Where is the public outcry and indignation? Who actually believes that they are safer when no one who lives a normal life can carry a gun but any sadistic weirdo that kidnaps and tortures people for fun can buy whatever they need right now almost anywhere.

 If the people want gun control then FUCKING CONTROL THEM and stop putting these bullshit measures on the ballot that do nothing but erode the freedoms that our country was founded on. Write a law with some teeth. How about one that creates a statewide military occupation suspending all rights and providing for enough cracking of skulls to get all the guns out of the state? Remember of course to build a 50 ft wall around California as well, to prevent the ingress of more guns and ammo from our neighbors. Run THAT up the flagpole and see who salutes. Even if we did salute such draconian measures, we'd probably end up seeing the military embroiled in some black market arms scandal and the supporters of this measure would be scratching their heads and wondering how they got shot. This prop 63 is nothing but an invitation to become victims to those that know you won't be armed.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

You are a bunch of Liars

The world is overrun by hypocrites and liars. My case in point, a recent conversation regarding gun control. Someone I knew back in the 80's suggested we need only to weed out the mentally unstable, as they should not have guns. Another was all for keeping guns out of the hands of felons because of what a dangerous lot felons were. Neither person thought that they belonged in either of those categories. Technically, neither belonged in the second category, but here is the problem. I know these people and what they got up to. Felonies were a daily part of life for these guys. They would be deluded to think there is somehow a difference between them and the poor sap who got caught and sent to prison. Which brings me to my point. Just about everyone is guilty of doing something illegal at some point. The majority of them are not caught, of course and, in general, they do not make such behaviors into daily, lifelong, habits.  However, to think that because one didn't get caught makes them somehow more fit for society than someone who did get caught is something I have a problem with. It is the ultimate in hypocrisy for someone who committed crimes every day for years to now think that they are somehow more qualified to possess and carry a gun than anyone else. Even worse, if one wants to make the argument that they no longer do drugs and that was the only crime that was being committed, they have ignored the fact that doing drugs has been classified as some kind of mental illness, always is considered abuse, never use, and would disqualify them under their own criteria. People. Their ability to bend reality to suit themselves, their total lack of self-examination, and their inability to see themselves when they do try, is pathetic. And speaking of the 2nd amendment, the moment any group is excluded from the right to bear arms, even felons, the door is opened to exclude another group. That group will eventually include YOU. If you want the right to carry then you'll just have to put up with the occasional thug and the occasional nutjob. The good news is that if we were allowed to defend ourselves those nutjobs and thugs wouldn't get half as far as they do.

Monday, April 25, 2016

I just received my DMV registration renewal and there are 2 violations at $105 each from Easter Sunday, 4/05/15. There is no reference number. Only violation numbers. Those numbers are 29812345 and 29812347. I went on the toll road that day with money to pay the toll. There was no opportunity to do so. I was informed a few days later that I need to go online and pay that. I tried. Your computer told me it was too late to pay you and that I would have to wait for my violation notice to arrive and that I now would owe 40 or 70 bucks or something like that which is a very high penalty. However, no notice ever arrived. 
I presumed that perhaps it was free on holidays or something. I've since taken the toll road twice and paid you in the manner which you require, which is a very lazy way to be on your part, by the way. Thanksgiving and Easter this year. My plate is P555222
I tell you this to illustrate that I have no qualm with paying the toll. I was unfamiliar with the process initially. When I realized my mistake, you already refused my payment stating I'd get a notice in the mail, I didn't. Now you have turned this into a $210 problem. Now this shows up on my DMV renewal over a year later. My address has been current on my registration since I bought the car so I have no idea why I would not have received at least one of the notices you stated that I was going to get. Charging me $210 because you were unwilling to accept payment at the time of service, unwilling to accept payment over 5 days following, is ludicrous and ought to be illegal. 
Where did you send initial violation notices? Why was I not given an opportunity to pay the toll prior to sending it to the DMV? The toll roads hide behind your lobbyists and questionable legislation allowing you to fleece people under the guise of a faceless entity but every soul working in that muck is responsible . You reading this. You may think, "I'm a clerk. I don't make the laws. You're the idiot who didn't pay his toll." and all that is true. It is equally true though that you become just as responsible for the wholesale fleecing of your neighbors as the schmucks who passed whatever act of God it took to make this legal.
 There's another group that rationalized that what they did was ok because it was just their job. They were called Nazis and eventually many of them, some just rank and file paper pushers, were held responsible for their parts in what turned out to be not-so-okay stuff like systematically killing many people. An extreme example perhaps but still relevant. 
At what point when asked to do something we don't agree with do we say I'm not doing it? I'm not assisting this organization to take 10 times what it was entitled to take from working people because of a new process that they didn't understand and an overly short window in which to pay anyways. But I digress.
 I'm not rich and I don't live in south county. I take the road twice a year at best. I would like you to correct this and turn it into something that resembles fair and decent instead of systematic predation on those who aren't as tech savvy as the rest. Can we do that? Can we?

Sunday, April 26, 2015